Getting Started With CAPS

CAPS is the University of New Mexico’s learning center. We are a free service that provides academic support for undergraduate students at UNM through peer-tutoring. Our tutors are UNM students who are trained to create comfortable and welcoming spaces for students to learn and thrive in. We are passionate about helping students achieve individual academic success at UNM through peer tutoring and interactions. Come visit our services and try for yourself!

What to Expect When You Visit CAPS

At CAPS, we know that asking for help isn’t always easy. That is why we have designed our services to be as accessible, welcoming, and simple to use as possible. When you visit CAPS for the first time, you can expect to be welcomed by a friendly and knowledgeable Student Resource Representative who is eager to show you how our services work and to get started.

Once you are situated in one of our drop in labs, an SI session, or elsewhere at CAPS, you can expect to work with another UNM student who is familiar with the concepts being covered in your courses and ready to assist you with anything that you need. In many cases, students come to CAPS simply to work in a supported environment. If you don’t end up needing to talk with a tutor, that is fine with us! But if you get stuck on a problem or assignment, you can rest assured that someone at CAPS will be able to work with you to keep you on track.

One thing that might surprise first-time users is that we don’t answer questions. Or not directly, rather. Our goal is for you to leave our center confident in your ability to solve problems on your own, so instead of answering the question that you come to us about, we work with you through the process so that you can eventually solve the initial and similar problems independently. You should still leave any interaction with the answers you need, only you’ll be the one who came up with the answers.

Step One: Come See Us!

We have locations all over the UNM campus.  Our main office is located at the top of the stairs on the Third Floor of Zimmerman Library. We also provide support at the CAPS Writing and Language Center (WLC), Humanities Building (HUM), and Mesa Vista Hall (MVH).

Can’t come to campus? Our Virtual Front Desk and Online Tutoring Program can help you get started online.

The first person you’ll encounter at CAPS is a Student Resource Representative (SRR). Your SRR will greet you, find out which courses you are taking, and refer you to the services and locations that best meet your needs.

Step Two: Use Our Services!

We have many different ways to get help. You are encouraged to try a variety of support formats to see what works best for you. Many students use more than one format depending on the class. Learn about our various services below and then try one out. It doesn’t matter which service you try first; the important thing is that you start somewhere!

The list below describes all of our various support formats. Please keep in mind that services vary by subject and location. Talking to a Student Resource Representative at the beginning of the year is the best way to find the right combination of support services for you.

Check out a list of our services here.

Step Three: Keep it up!

Students who use CAPS regularly benefit the most from our services. Even if you don’t need help or have a specific question, doing your homework in one of our spaces ensures that you get your work done and have support if you need it. There is no limit to how often you visit CAPS, and since you’ve already paid for our services through your tuition and student fees, using CAPS often is the best way to make the most of you valuable tuition dollars.