Daniel Sanford, PhD
Director, Center for Academic Program Support
Adjunct Research Faculty, Department of Linguistics

As Director of the Center for Academic Program Support, Daniel Sanford draws on his experience in higher education as an instructor, writing program administrator, and learning center specialist to provide leadership for CAPS and a student-oriented perspective on student success at UNM. Daniel is associated faculty in the UNM Department of Linguistics, from which he received his doctorate in 2010. His interests include cognitive linguistics, composition & writing center theory, corpus linguistics, and peer-led learning; his work in these and other fields has appeared in Cognitive Linguistics, The Journal of Cognitive Science, Composition Forum, and other venues. Read More

Beverly Shead
Operations Manager, Center for Academic Program Support
Treasurer, Provost Committee for Staff

Beverly Shead oversees the administrative operations of the Center for Academic Program Support. Her responsibilities include management of the Resource Team and Administrative Support Staff, department finances, and the preparation and maintenance of all personnel records. Beverly has 28 years of experience in management and administration in academic environments including Foothill College in California, and the University of New Mexico. Beverly is CAPS' liaison to the larger campus community on fiscal, administrative, and operational issues. Read More

Jennifer Flores, MA
Training and Professional Development Manager, Center for Academic Program Support

Jennifer Flores oversees the student employee training and staff professional development programs at the Center for Academic Program Support. She received her MA in Educational Leadership from the University of New Mexico, where her research concentrated on higher education and professional development. Her interests include personality styles in the work environment, capitalizing on individual strengths in training, and interactive approaches to professional development. With the benefit of more than 10 years of experience in higher education, Jennifer provides mentoring and training for academic and student affairs professionals and her expertise to learning center administrators nationwide. Read More

Lauren Moore, MA
Data Manager, Center for Academic Program Support

Lauren Moore provides reporting and technical services at the Center for Academic Program Support, enabling CAPS' staff to accurately track and analyze all programs. She received her MA in Economics from the University of New Mexico, where she engaged in research on international development and access to education. Lauren applies her background in statistical analysis for public policy issues to providing strong qualitative and quantitative evaluations to support CAPS' mission and collaborations with other University departments. Read More

Beth Kaimowitz, JD
Program Specialist for Math/Science Tutoring Program, Center for Academic Program Support

Beth Kaimowitz oversees CAPS' Math and Science Tutoring Program. She received her JD in Law from the University of New Mexico, where she focused on health equity and public health. Beth applies her experience in legal analysis and the health sciences to providing leadership support for critical thinking in math and science education. Her research interests include STEM education, educational diversity, and critical thinking. Read More

Evan Ashworth, PhD
Program Specialist for Writing and Language Center, Center for Academic Program Support

Evan Ashworth oversees the CAPS Writing and Language Center. He received his PhD in Linguistics from UNM, where his research addresses language ideologies and the use of writing in indigenous language revitalization programs. He engages the UNM community at all levels in a discussion of writing theory and language learning, as well as the integration of writing into university courses. Evan has served as an instructor in the Departments of English and Linguistics, and has worked at CAPS in various capacities since 2008. Read More

Gary Allison, MA
Program Specialist for Supplemental Instruction, Center for Academic Program Support

Gary Allison oversees the Supplemental Instruction Program at CAPS. He also leads CAPS’ Learning Strategies program, Study Groups, and the coordination of tutorial services for the Athletic Department. He received his MA in Language, Literacy & Sociocultural Studies from the University of New Mexico, where his research was focused on critical examination of educational policy with a social justice lens. His other research interests include desegregation policy, identity development, social stratification, the Colonial Americas and slave resistance. Gary has taught through Africana Studies, and has had many opportunities to guest lecture on the UNM campus. Prior to coming to CAPS Gary worked as an Advisor in the College of Arts & Sciences at UNM. Read More

Matthew Maez
Program Specialist for Online Tutoring Program, Center for Academic Program Support

Matthew Maez oversees the Online Tutoring Program at the Center for Academic Program Support. He is currently pursuing his MA in Organizational Learning and Instructional Technology at the University of New Mexico, where he is researching ways to leverage social networking platforms to facilitate learning. Matt is extremely involved on campus, serving as a member of the UNM Young Alumni Association Board, chapter advisor to Kappa Delta Chi Sorority, and various campus committees. Read More

David Lucero
Sr Fiscal Services Tech, Center for Academic Program Support

David Lucero coordinates hiring, payroll, and purchasing at CAPS. He received his BS in Mathematics Education from the University of New Mexico in 2008. Building on his background in mathematics and his interest in database development, David works to provide efficient and accurate data/records to support CAPS' financial and employment needs. He also serves as liaison to the larger campus community on issues related to Human Resources and vendor communications. Read More

Katie Denton, MA
Administrative Assistant III, Center for Academic Program Support

Katie Denton serves as Administrative Assistant III with CAPS. Her responsibilities include managing the day-to-day operations of the resource team, coordinating campus outreach opportunities, and contributing to the daily running of CAPS. Katie is currently a PhD candidate in the Department of English at UNM. Her major research interest is in writing center theory and practice, and her dissertation offers a research-based exploration of asynchronous online writing tutoring interactions. Katie has served as an instructor of writing with the Department of English, teaching both face-to-face and online. Katie has worked in various roles with CAPS since 2006. Read More

Stephen Murillo
Administrative Assistant II, Center for Academic Program Support

Stephen Murillo, who received his BA in Criminology from the University of New Mexico, serves as an Administrative Assistant I with CAPS. He is responsible for verifying that supplies and resources are available to CAPS' staff, student employees, and student users. Stephen also ensures accuracy in the reporting of billing information. Stephen has experience in building relationships with numerous UNM departments and staff members, which he acquired as a student employee at UNM and now uses to assist CAPS in accomplishing its vision and mission. Read More

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