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CAPS Digital Resources

Since August 2013, CAPS employees have been developing a series of high-quality digital resources aimed at helping UNM students master challenging concepts. These resources are published regularly on the CAPS Blog, distributed through the CAPS Facebook and Twitter pages, and archived by subject on Pinterest. Learn more about each of these efforts via the links below:


The CAPS Blog is the home of all of our digital content. With over 550 unique blog posts created already, we have resources created by UNM students for UNM students. Follow us on Tumblr, Facebook, or Twitter to read our newest posts.


Looking for a blog post on a specific academic area? The CAPS Pinterest Boards serve as our digital archive and is organized by subject. If it is 2:00 am and you’re stuck on a physics problem, visit the physics board to see everything that we have created on this topic! You can also follow us on Pinterest to stay informed about all of the new content we develop throughout the year.