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CAPS Embedded Online Tutoring Program (EOT)

Support for Historically Difficult Online Courses

Embedded Online Tutoring (EOT) is an innovative way of providing support for students in select online classes. If you are in a class offering EOT, you have access to a tutor who is knowledgeable about the material being covered and available to assist you with understanding course concepts, developing critical thinking skills, and identifying academic resources.

How can my Embedded Online Tutor help me in an online class?

Embedded Online Tutors assist students in online classes in the same way that our face-to-face tutors help students taking face-to-face classes! We provide students with assistance in: 

  • Writing feedback
  • Understanding the course material
  • Finding ways to answer questions
  • Highlighting course resources
  • Developing critical thinking skills
  • Facilitating discussion board conversations

In addition to the support that your specific EOT provides, CAPS also offers students access to our other online services including the Online Learning Center (OLC),  and the Online Writing Lab (OWL)!

Does my online course have an Embedded Online Tutor?

CAPS supports approximately 40 online courses with EOT support each semester. The table below lists all of the courses that we are supporting in Fall 2016.

Contact information for your Embedded Online Tutor can be found by clicking on "CAPS Tuto link" in the Course Tools  menu section of  Learn (formerly WebCT Vista).
See the image below for an example of what the link looks like in the Learn system.

 Online Tutor Link Image

For additional information about Embedded Online Tutoring for your course, ask your instructor, refer to your course syllabus or contact CAPS at (505) 277-7205.