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For Faculty

The Online Tutoring Program exists to serve the needs of both students taking online courses and students who prefer to learn online in general. Our goal is to provide the same quality of tutoring online that we experience in our in-person learning centers. Visit our Mission Statement page for detailed information about the mission, vision, and learning outcomes for the Online Tutoring Program. CAPS Online Tutors recognize that there are unique needs associated with the online learning environment and are trained to engage students online effectively.

Although our services are focused on the student learning experience, please know that we are here to serve you as well. When your students utilize our services, you should observe an improvement in the quality of their writing, critical thinking, and general academic skills. Allowing us to help develop your students abilities in these areas provides you with more time to focus on the specific content matter of your course.

How can the CAPS Online Tutoring Program assist the students in your course?

There are many ways in which students can receive online learning assistance from CAPS! In addition to all of our in-person services, we offer a variety of online services to meet the needs of online, distance, non-traditional, and general undergraduate students. Below is a brief listing and summary of each of our online tutoring programs.

Embedded Online Tutoring (EOT) is an optional service that faculty members can request to be added as a component of their online courses. Requests for an Embedded Online Tutor should be submitted to the CAPS or New Media and Extended Learning (NMEL) staff one semester prior to the start of the class. Once an EOT has been assigned to a course, he or she hosts weekly review sessions, develops message board engagement, and serves as a resource to the students in that course. 

The Online Learning Center (OLC) is a new and powerful way for students to receive academic support. Designed with the needs of online students in mind, the OLC supports students in the same subjects as our face-to-face services in a virtual drop-in lab format. Students and peer tutors have access to a shared virtual whiteboard, graphing and formula builders, file sharing abilities, and more. Click here for a list of subjects and hours supported in the OLC.

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) provides students with assistance in any writing assignment. Our tutors can help your students with structure, style, format, grammar, and thesis organization. Please note that we do not simply proofread papers. In fact, we do not do any proofreading at all! Rather, we coach students on the foundations of excellent writing.  

Submit A Question is an asynchronous service that students can use to ask specific questions of a UNM tutor in any undergraduate course. This is a great option for students who work at very non-traditional hours or away from campus.

Have a CAPS Tutor Visit Your Class

CAPS tutoring can help your students strengthen their critical thinking skills by working with others and seeing problems from diverse perspectives.  Request a class visit and a CAPS tutor will visit your class and give a brief explanation of CAPS services.  With 5 minutes of course time for a visit, you can help your students succeed academically. Visit our Contact CAPS Staff page if you would like to request a brief presentation about CAPS for your course.

Instructor Notification Form

If you would like your students to provide proof that they have been to CAPS, please have your students fill out the Instructor Notification form. Notices will be sent out three times each semester (twice during summer session) on or around the following dates: March 1st, April 1st, last day of classes in May (Spring); July 1st, August 1st (Summer); October 1st, November 1st, last day of classes in December (Fall). CAPS tutors or staff will not sign outside forms.

For More Information, Contact:

CAPS Program Specialists are interested in working you to ensure that the needs of our students are being met. We are available to meeting in both formal and information settings. If you would like to discuss how the CAPS Online Tutoring Program can serve your students, please contact:

Dayra Fallad-Mendoza

Online Tutoring Program Specialist 

(505) 277-7059

Dayra Fallad-Mendoza oversees the CAPS Online Tutoring Program. His research interests focus on social learning, generational research, and adult education.