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Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the CAPS Online Tutoring Program is to create better online learners by providing high quality, skills-based resources that students can apply across a wide spectrum of academic disciplines and instructional formats.

Student Learning Objectives

As a result of utilizing the CAPS Online Tutoring Program, students will be able to…

…transfer knowledge or approaches gained to additional academic concepts.

…apply the peer review process to future writing and/or multi-modal projects.

…articulate their academic concerns/challenges without the aid of non-verbal cues.

…independently collect and use appropriate online resources.

…synthesize tutor feedback into their academic work.

Program Goals

  • Create better online writers by providing high level writing support for both traditional and multi-modal projects.
  • Provide individualized content support for learners through high quality, synchronous online services.
  • Enhancing access to ensure that all learners can access academic resources, with a special emphasis on online students and students unable to take advantage of live services.
  • Take a holistic approach to online student support by assisting with efforts to increase and enhance services, resources, and opportunities to online learners.
  • Develop and maintain a repository of online resources that are always accessible to students.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities for student employees to develop digital resources that demonstrate their academic strengthens and enhance their digital voices.
  • Serve as a bridge between students, CAPS resources, and instructors.