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The Online Learning Center is an interactive online setting where you can talk to UNM peers that have taken the classes you are in now. Type questions away, upload images of the problem you're stuck on, or use your audio and/or your webcam to talk to your tutors live! Our interactive board is very accessible and will allow you to download a PDF of the interaction that you may use as notes.

In the OLC, you can:

  • See and hear the other person, or just type back and forth.
  • Share the graphing calculator, molecular bonds creator, reference library, and other tools.
  • Upload work to a shared canvas, by simply snapping a photo and texting it in.

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Information for Instructors

Academic Support

  • Engage in difficult course material with students.
  • Provide opportunities to deepen content.
  • Encourage students to think critically about the subject.
  • Lead group or one-on-one tutorials/discussions on the content covered in the course.
  • Provide feedback on student writing or other assignments.

Online Setting Support

  • Model appropriate netiquette.
  • Share successful online learning/academic strategies for students.
  • Show students how to maximize the benefits of online learning.
  • Participate in online discussions to encourage active construction of knowledge.

Building Community

  • Model and encourage communication between students in the course.
  • Provide online group review sessions for the class through Collaborate.
  • Help promote and model diversity and inclusion among learners.