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Fall 2018 SI Courses

Find out if your course section has SI for Fall 2018!


Biology for Health Related Sciences and Non-MajorsBuckholzBIOL 123001/002Santiago Valdez
Molecular and Cell BiologyHoffkinBIOL 201004/005/008/009Remy Link
GeneticsHoweBIOL 202003/005/007/009/010/011/013Glenn Ratmeyer
Human Anatomy and Physiology ISchollBIOL 237001Matthew Lucero
Human Anatomy and Physiology IILiebrechtBIOL 238001Hannah Evans
Elements of General ChemistryRayCHEM 111001/002/003Ngan Le
General Chemistry IHabel-RodriguezCHEM 121002/005Madelyn Lucas
General Chemistry IKnottenbeltCHEM 121003Marisa Michealson
General Chemistry IDeppermanCHEM 121005Samantha Dewees
General Chemistry IIBartlettCHEM 122001Anthony Abeyta
Organic Chemistry IWhalenCHEM 301005Promise Bood
Organic Chemistry IDeppermanCHEM 301006Cody Moezzi
Organic Chemistry IIBellewCHEM 302001Connie Hu
Calculus IMartinezMATH 162003/004Becca Jarnutowski
MATHMartinez162005/006Sage Castiglione
Elements of Calculus IWearingMATH 180001/016Wayde Morgan
Elements of Calculus IBoucheronMATH 180004Valeria Teran
General Physics IMorgan-TraceyPHYC 151001Sophia Hubartt
Introduction to Research MethodsGoodmanSOC 380002Marco Lueras
Circuit Analysis IFleddermannECE 203001Horizon Bhatta
Circuit Analysis IIEl-shafieyECE 213001Paul Onor