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The services offered at the Writing Center are not linked to any particular discipline or style, but rather are available to all courses that make use of writing as a tool in the classroom. The team of tutors who comprise the writing team bring a wide range of areas of expertise in genres, content areas, and citation styles- check out our current team of writing tutors.

There are many ways in which instructors use writing as a tool in the classroom (term projects, essays, reflective writing, lab reports, essay exams) and many layers to writing (argumentation, research, organization, editing). The Writing Center provides support in all of these areas, and we invite referrals relating to any of these issues.

The Writing Center @ CAPS works closely with many courses and instructors on campus to provide writing support directly tailored to individual courses. If you're interested in making your assignments available to the writing team, or in meeting with the manager or a liaison of the Writing Center to give us some background on your course and what you're looking for in your students' writing, contact the current writing manager.

At any point during the semester, you can have a tutor from the Writing Center visit your course(s) to fill your students in on the services that are available to them. These visits generally take about five minutes, but can take longer if there is any additional information that you would like included. You can request a class visit by contacting the manager of the Writing Center.*

* We regret that we are unable to visit courses that meet off of the main campus, or that begin after 7pm.

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