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EXPLORE our workshops

Activate your Learning

This workshop helps to create long term retention through engaging in active learning in and out of your classes. You’ll walk out with: A plan to engage actively with your material

Build your Schedule

This targeted workshop guides you through creating an effective weekly schedule that includes habits for success. You’ll walk out with: A complete weekly schedule with positive habits built-in.

Create your Master Syllabus

What if you could create a document where all of your deadlines for all of your classes were in one place? This workshop shows you how. You’ll walk out with: * A master syllabus designed to streamline multiple syllabi into one document

Develop your Argument

A powerful argument needs to be expressed forcefully while also acknowledging other viewpoints. This workshop examines how to develop a strong argument and craft a solid thesis statement. You’ll walk out with: Strategies for strengthening your paper’s argument.

Explore Note-Taking

This workshops shows you different note-taking strategies and helps to identify what will be most effective for your individual needs. You’ll walk out with: • A plan to take more effective notes

Hack your Learning (with Bloom)

What kind of learning are you being asked to do in a given class? What tasks will be most important for success? What are learning outcomes? This workshop helps you find the answers to these questions! You’ll walk out with: A grid of learning tasks, and an understanding of learning outcomes

Know your resources

This workshop is all about helping you feel more connected to your campus. You’ll walk out with: A list of helpful resources at UNM students; Specific knowledge of resources, like location, what they help with, and upcoming events.

Make a Study Plan

In this workshop you'll plan out what to study, how long it will take, and when it fits into your schedule You’ll walk out with: •A complete study plan with tasks and times

Organize your Paper

Clean organization is crucial to having a clear paper. This workshop looks at different strategies for developing the structure of your paper, including outlining, reverse outlining, and transitioning between sections. You’ll walk out with: Skills for using structure to increase clarity.

Own your Test

We’ve all been nervous for a big test, this workshop has strategies to help combat test anxiety and build your confidence. You’ll walk out with: Confidence to do great on your next test

Plan your Writing

Having trouble getting started on your paper? This workshop explores the different ways you can form ideas, both before writing your paper and while revising. You’ll walk out with: Strategies for developing your ideas and getting them down on paper.

Prioritize your Life

This workshop shows you a simple technique for sorting all of your many responsibilities, and getting things done! You’ll walk out with: • A grid with your priorities sorted by how important they are, and how timely

Read your Textbook

Learn a method that will help you engage with your reading and get more out of it. You’ll walk out with: * A step-by-step guide for more engaged reading

Reflect on your Learning Process

This workshop focuses on finding out what is working in your learning process and how to improve You’ll walk out with: An idea of your individual learning process

Revise your Writing

Let your paper reach its fullest potential by revising and editing your writing. This workshop focuses on strategies for crafting your paragraph and sentence structure to make your writing more powerful. You’ll walk out with: Tools for developing your paper’s structure and style.

Set your Goals

This workshop focuses on how setting goals early creates more investment in the day-to-day, and helps with achieving greater long-term success. You’ll walk out with: • A complete action plan for the semester, with a map of steps to take to meet each individual goal