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Instructor Notification Form

We can only guarantee visits before March 22nd will be sent to your instructor before finals! If attendance is required in your syllabus, you do not need to fill out an INF. Your visits are automatically sent. The last day these visits are reported is April 10th.

Instructor Notifications are sent out three times per semester; this Spring 2019, the dates are:

  • Thursday, February 28th at 5pm
  • Thursday, March 28th at 5pm
  • Monday, April 15th at 5pm

You only need to complete this form once per semester per instructor. If you have any questions about the INF, please contact Elizabeth Kerl.

The INF is closed for Summer Break. CAPS Instructor Notification Form services will cease on April 10th and will return on Tuesday, August 26th.

Wednesday, 2019/05/22 - INF is experiencing technical issues. Thank you for your patience while we work to correct these issues.