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Online Writing Lab (OWL)

The Online Writing Lab (OWL) allows you to submit pieces of writing to a CAPS tutor for your undergraduate courses at UNM. You may submit academic papers that are required for a UNM course or degree requirement, as well as pieces of application writing, such as résumés or cover letters.

Note: This is the CAPS Online Writing Lab (OWL), intended for UNDERGRADUATE writing assignments. If you would like to submit papers for graduate courses, please visit the Graduate Online Writing Lab (GrOWL).


You may submit:

  • Academic papers that are required for a UNM course or degree requirement
  • Application writing such as résumés or cover letters
  • Tutors will help with structure, style, format, grammar, and thesis organization.

In addition:

  • You must be a registered UNM student to use this service.
  • CAPS will accept submissions for the Spring 2018 semester between Monday, January 22nd and Wednesday, May 2nd, 2018 at noon.

Papers must be:

  • Double Spaced
  • Microsoft Word (.doc), Text (.txt), or Rich-Text (.rtf) format

Note: CAPS will not proofread papers.

How To Use UNM OWL

The OWL is here to help you become a better writer! Click here to watch a video tutorial on how to use the OWL. Follow these 3 simple rules to get the most out of your OWL submission. Read more...

Turnaround Time

Under normal circumstances, your undergraduate paper will be reviewed and returned to you within 24 hours, Monday through Friday. That is, if you submit a paper on Friday afternoon, you can expect a response by the end of the day on Monday. Please check the CAPS Calendar for holidays or special occasions that may delay the return of your work. We accept submissions in English, Spanish, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Greek, Navajo, Portuguese, and Russian.

The OWL is closed for the summer. CAPS Online Writing Lab services will cease on May 3rd at 2:00 and will return on Monday, August 27th.

Thursday, 2018/07/19 - The OLC is currently experiencing technical issues. Your patience is appreciated while we work to correct the issue.

Complete the Following Form to Submit Your undergraduate Paper: