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Meet Your SI Leaders

CAPS is successful because of its amazing and diverse group of student employees. Meet your SI-Leaders.

SI Leader


"Hi everyone! My name is Connie Hu. I am the SI leader for Organic Chemistry 302. I am currently a senior double majoring in Chemistry & Biology with a minor in Health, Medicine & Human Values. I love dogs and have an adorable black lab fur baby that I adore to death! I would love to share photos of doggies with you. I'm super excited to meet you at my sessions!"

SI Leader


"Hey all, my name is Paul Onor and I am your supplemental instruction leader for Circuit Analysis II (ECE 213). I am a junior here at the University studying Electrical Engineering. I chose to become an SI leader for this class because I know it is challenging for many people and I wished I had had some extra help myself. Outside of class I enjoy cooking, running, and playing Magic: The Gathering. If you also enjoy these things, feel free to come chat with me; I am looking forward to seeing you all in my SI sessions and having a wonderful semester!"