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Meet Your SI Leaders

CAPS is successful because of its amazing and diverse group of student employees. Meet your SI-Leaders.

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 302.002

"Hey everyone. My name is Paul Ratmeyer and I am the SI Leader for Chemistry 302 (Section 003) this semester. A little about me: I am a senior here at UNM. I am completing my last couple credit hours this semester and will graduate with a Biology degree in May (knock on wood). I will also be attending medical school in the fall. I love to go hiking, camping, and really enjoy the outdoors in general. I'm trying to become a better photographer which has really been my challenge for this year. All in all I'm a pretty normal guy who happens to be your SI Leader. Stop by my sessions and we can work through some Organic Chemistry in a chill and (hopefully) fun environment. Good luck this semester and I hope to see you soon!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 302.001/.004

"Hello, my name is John "Bud" Salmon. I am the SI leader for Organic Chemistry 302, Sections 001 and 004. This is my third semester as an SI leader and I am looking forward to helping out with Organic Chemistry. I am currently and senior here at UNM and I am majoring in biology with minors in psychology and chemistry. After I graduate I plan on going to medical school here at UNM. In my free time I enjoy playing with dinosaurs and killing zombies. I also love lamp. Some people ask me, "Bud, do you really love lamp or are you just saying that because you saw a lamp". Yes, I love lamp. I hope it will be a fun semester and I hope to see all of you at CAPS."

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 301.001

"Hello, my name is Joseph Vargas. I am pursuing my degree in both Biology and Chemistry. I intend on a career in Medicine. I enjoy the great outdoors, cookies, tea, coffee is life, aikido, and perhaps my biggest enjoyment comes from "nerd-ing" out on anything science."

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 122.001

"Hi, my name is Erika Baca and this is my second semester as an SI leader. I am currently majoring in Biology and minoring in HMHV. I hope to one day become a physician and serve New Mexico. When not in school, some of my favorite things to do are play soccer and go for runs. I look forward to being your Chemistry 122 SI this semester!"

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 202.005/.007/.011/.014

"Hello! My name is Lexi Mang. This is my third semester working at CAPS, and my second semester being an SI leader (Bio 202). I am a Biology and Psychology double major with a Chemistry minor. I'm a senior this year and my plan is to attend UNM's medical school after I graduate. I really love reading and my favorite sport is baseball. I'm looking forward to helping students love genetics as much as I do!"

SI Leader



"Hello Biochemists! My name is Catherine. It is my pleasure to be your SI leader this spring for Dr. Orlando's class. I hope to create excellent sessions that allow you to make new friends, play fun games and become really comfortable with the material. If you'd like to know a little bit about me, I love to eat food and run with my fluffy puppy Cody. I'm fascinated by plantains too. Mostly because you can make empanadas with them :)"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 122.005

"Hi my name is Korazon, Kora for short. I am a Biology major and aspiring doctor. Something I really like is sports, whether I'm watching or playing. I also love my family and my little dog :) My role at CAPS is that I am the Chemistry 122 SI Leader. I'm excited to see what this job has in store for me and I'm also excited to help people achieve whatever it is they're striving for!"

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 237.001/.002

"Hello my name is Sahlea Tubbeh and I am the SI Leader for Bio 237. I am currently a junior majoring in Nutrition and minoring in Chemistry. I hope to attend medical school and/or a graduate program in public health. My hobbies including hiking, rock climbing and watching Netflix. I am dangerously obsessed with dogs and have two of my own which I love very much. "

SI Leader



"Hey my name is Gino Sanchez. I am the SI leader for Biochemistry 423. I am actually from Ecuador, currently majoring in Biology and minoring in philosophy. I enjoy practicing Brazilian jiu-jitsu in my free time."

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 201.004/.005

"Hi, I'm Kerry. I'm the SI Leader for BIO201 with Dr. Johnston and a Drop-In tutor for Zimmerman at night. I'm a third year pre-med student and planning on majoring in Biology. My favorite hobbies include swimming, hiking, cooking and eating with friends. I love dogs, especially french bulldogs, so please come up to me and show me pictures of your dog. I really look forward to working with you all and I hope to see you at my sessions! "

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 122.002/.003

"Hi guys! My name is Breanne Haskins and this is my second semester as a Supplemental Instruction Leader. I'm so excited to be doing Chemistry 122! I am a sophomore and I am majoring in Biochemistry and a designation in Honors. My dream job is to work for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention as an infectious disease researcher or cancer researcher. My hobbies include playing sports (especially volleyball), hiking, playing percussion, and watching Netflix. My favorite Netflix show is Grey's Anatomy by far. I am so excited to work with all of you this semester! Please come and attend my sessions, they will be fun!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 121.005

"My name is RayLee and I'm a Senior studying premed and history! I'm originally from Santa Fe, and love my family and my dog Maximus. My career goal is to be a chief medical officer. My goal for our SI class is to help you feel confident with the material and gain important study skills in the process!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 111.003/.004

"Hello, my name is Rachel! I am the SI leaders for Chemistry 111 this semester. I work with Dr. Depperman's MWF 1 PM section. This is my 6th semester at CAPS and my 5th semester tutoring general chemistry. I am working on a B.S. in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology and will be graduating in May! I'm looking forward to working with new students this semester and hope to see you all in my sessions!"

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 202.003/.004/.006/.009/.010/.013

"Hey everyone! My name is Kylie Disch, and this will be my fourth semester as the SI leader for Bio 202L. I am majoring in biochemistry and biology with minors in psychology and HMHV. My goal is to one day become a physician, and I will be one step closer to making that a reality when I start medical school in July. I really enjoying running and reading in the spare time that I have. I have found that I am in love with the ocean, so I travel whenever I have the means to. I am very laid back and like to laugh, and that is the energy I plan on bringing to my sessions."