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Meet Your SI Leaders

CAPS is successful because of its amazing and diverse group of student employees. Meet your SI-Leaders.

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 2410.005/.007

"Hello, my name is Kristin and am a supplemental instruction leader for Genetics (Biol 2410). I am a sophomore student majoring in Health, Medicine, and Human Values with minors in Biology, Chemistry, and Spanish. I am passionate about schooling and education and I enjoy baking, spending time with friends, and eating chocolate. This semester will be great; I look forward to working with you!"

SI Leader



"Hi everyone! My name is Le, I am your SI leader for Organic Chemistry 302. I am a Junior at UNM, majoring in Health Medicine and Human Values with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences. My goal is to become a physician. My favorite things to do is hiking and cooking. I love to make all kind of food, but my specialty is Korean food. I’m very excited to start the new semester with you guys. I hope to see you in my SI sessions!"