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Meet Your SI Leaders

CAPS is successful because of its amazing and diverse group of student employees. Meet your SI-Leaders.

SI Leader


MATH: 180.016

"Hey guys! I'm Valeria, but you can just call me Val for short. I am majoring in Medical Laboratory Sciences and hoping to get into the MLS Program as well the Medical Program here at UNM. I will also be the SI Leader for Math 180 because I enjoy the subject and hope to get more people to love Math as much as I do. When I am not obsessing over school I like to take long walks to my bed and nap for an hour or 5 which depends on the day of the week, but I also enjoy exercising! I'm excited to be a part of the CAPS Team and hope to help other students succeed! "

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 238.001/.002

"Hello everyone! My name is Amber Logan and I'm the SI Leader for Human Anatomy & Physiology II. I'm currently a junior working toward my B.S. in Exercise Science and a minor in Psychology. After I graduate, I plan to attend PT school to earn a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. During my free time, I enjoy hiking and playing sports, watching BBC series, and cheering on the Duke men's basketball team (future Cameron Crazy here!). I'm excited for the challenges this year will bring and hope to see you all at my sessions!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 111.001/.002/.003/.004

"Hey, everyone! My name is Skyler (or Sky), and I'm the SI leader for Chemistry 111, Sections 001 and 002. It's my third year here at UNM, and I'm pursuing a B.S. in Exercise Science with plans to head to Physical Therapy school after graduation. When I'm not in school, I love spending time outdoors with my dog, lifting weights, and watching horrible B-rated movies on Netflix. I'm look forward to working with all of you this semester!"

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 237.001

"Hey everyone! My name is Katelyn Jordan. I am a Senior here at UNM studying Psychology with a minor in Chemistry and Biology. I will be an SI leader for Dr. Scholl's BIO 237 class. I love meeting and interacting with new people because everyone has something to offer and to learn from that you may have never known. I greet academic endeavors with a high energy "let's get it done and have some fun" attitude and hope to share that with my fellow peers. I'm looking forward to a super sparkly semester with you all and am thrilled to be a part of the CAPS team!"

SI Leader


"My name is Jenisha Pate. I am 25 years old. This is my senior year at UNM in Dental Hygiene. My hobbies are shopping, watching Bollywood movies and help others. I am going to be a tutor for Health Science classes at Zimmerman Library. My hours are from 6pm to 9pm Monday to Thursday. I have been working at CAPS for five years. I love my job, so please come see me."

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 121.003

"Hello! My name is Marisa Michealson. I am a sophomore here at UNM, studying Biology. My goal is to become a doctor. My favorite things are dogs, hiking, and watching Netflix. My favorite show is Parks and Recreation. If you love any of these things feel free to come chat with me anytime! I am so excited to be a Chemistry 121 SI Leader this semester! I cannot wait to work with you and help you love chemistry as much as I do and succeed in this class and beyond! Please come check out one of my sessions, they will be a fun and casual way to review chemistry!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 302.001/.002

"Hi! My name is Erika Baca and I'm starting my junior year here at UNM. I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values. In my free time you can find me at the gym or with my puppy. This semester will be my third semester as a SI leader. I'm excited to work with Organic Chemistry students and look forward to the games and activities within the sessions. I hope to see you there!"

SI Leader



"My name is Jeffrey. I am majoring in Biology, and I have a minor in Chemistry. I am now the SI leader for Biochemistry, so hopefully I can help you do well in your science classes this semester. I will be at CAPS in the drop-in lounge on the third floor of Zimmerman Thursday evenings, from 6-9pm, and I look forward to working with you to master the material you are introduced to in your classes. Feel free to ask me about Biology, Chemistry, or Biochemistry. I promise I will do the best I can to guide you to answers to your questions."

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 122.004

"Hi guys! My name is Matt Lucero. I am your SI leader for CHEM 122 Sec 4 with Dr. Habel-Rodriguez. I am a third year Biology major with the intention of going to medical school after I graduate. Some of my favorite non-academic activities include hiking, swimming, running, finding new music, and eating out. I'm very excited to meet everyone and to build up a successful semester!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 122.003

"Hi everyone, my name is Wayde Morgan. I'll be the SI leader for Chemistry 122 and I'm super excited to help everyone work together to achieve their very best grade in the class! I'm a second year pre-med student majoring in Mathematics. I hope to aspire to become a physician in order to practice on the Navajo Nation. My hobbies include reading, running, and recreating all of the desserts from Momofuku Milk Bar (my favorite is the confetti birthday cake)-in fact if you're ever curious about the chemistry of baking come see me!"

SI Leader


SOCIOLOGY: 205.001

"Hi everyone! My name is Maddie Woodall and I am the SI leader for Sociology 205 this semester. I am a junior majoring in political science and sociology with a pre-law concentration, and minoring in psychology. After I graduate I plan on going to law school. I love my plant children, cat, coffee, and re-watching The Office. I look forward to working with you all this semester and I hope to see you in my sessions!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 302.003

"Hello! Organic Chemists! My name is Gino Sanchez and will be your SI leader for O.Chemistry 302. I am Biochemistry and Biology major, currently in my last year of college. I love tutoring sciences, so I will do my best to help you get the grade you want in the class! Stop by SI sessions. I am looking forward to meeting you all!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 121.005

"What up y'all! I'm Cody and plan on graduating in 2020 with a Biochemistry degree. I will be the SI for Chemistry 121. So feel free to drop on by and learn something new! I paintball, play tennis and hit the gym when I'm not balancing equations."

SI Leader


PHYSICS: 151.003

"Hi everyone, my name is Michael and I'll be the SI leader for Physics 151 this semester. This semester I'll be a junior majoring in Chemistry and Psychology! My goal is to finish undergrad and peruse my dream of becoming a physician and hopefully teach some physics along the way. I take a different approach to teaching and learning, and I plan to learn and grow with all of you. You can always catch me drinking coffee and trying to tell jokes... Why can't you trust an atom?... They make up everything!! Too cheesy? Trust me I'll tell some even cheesier ones. I'm looking forward to this semester with all of you and may the F = ma be with you."

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 301.005

"Hi! I'm Promise, and I will be a SI Leader for Organic Chemistry (Chem 301). I am majoring in Biology and Health Medicine and Human Values, and minoring in Business Management and Chemistry. My long term goal is to be an Anesthesiologist and work with veterans. In my spare time I enjoy watching cooking shows and DIY. This is my first semester as a SI Leader and I am really looking forward to seeing you all at my sessions!"

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 202.003/.004/.006/.008/.010/.012/.014

"Hey everyone! My name is Kami Bratzel and I am from the small town of Grants, NM. I enjoy anything sports related, outdoor activities, and spending time with family and friends. I am a junior here at UNM working on earning my B.S in Biology. The goal after finishing my undergraduate schooling is to go to P.A. school to pursue a career as a Physician's Assistant. I will be the SI Leader for Biology 202: Genetics for the B.A.M.D. section for the Fall 2017 semester. I found the course very interesting and look forward to creating fun and engaging activities to help deepen the understanding of genetics for other students. See you all around!"

SI Leader


BIOLOGY: 201.003/.006/.010/.011/.013

"I'm Glenn Ratmeyer, originally from Gallup here in New Mexico. I am currently a sophomore here at UNM hoping to pursue a B.S. in Biology and a minor in something which will probably present itself soon. I'll be the SI for Bio 201 this semester, so feel free to come by to some of my sessions and have some fun learning and hopefully forming new connections. A little bit about me: I enjoy traveling with my family and have a passion for the outdoors and love hiking, mountain biking, trail running, and camping. Besides my love for nature I enjoy photography, playing the piano, learning about different cultures, and meeting new people. Visit a session with questions and feel free to approach me if you see me in your class!"

SI Leader


MATH: 162.003/.004

"Hello, my name is Kyle Fitzpatrick and I am the SI Leader for Math 162 during the Fall 2017 semester. I am currently a senior and will be graduating this semester with a major in Mathematics. Some of my hobbies are to study math, watch Netflix, and go on random adventures. This is my first semester as an SI Leader and I am looking forward to working with all of you! So please come to the SI session to learn and have fun!"

SI Leader


CHEMISTRY: 301.002

"Hi everyone! My name is Connie Hu. I am the SI leader for Organic Chemistry 301, Section 002. I am currently a junior majoring in Chemistry with a minor in Health, Medicine & Human Values. I love dogs and have an adorable black lab fur baby that I adore to death! I would love to share photos of doggies with you. I'm super excited to meet you at my sessions!"