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Meet Your SI Leaders

CAPS is successful because of its amazing and diverse group of student employees. Meet your SI-Leaders.

SI Leader


"Hey all, my name is Paul Onor and I am your supplemental instruction leader for Circuit Analysis II (ECE 213). I am a junior here at the University studying Electrical Engineering. I chose to become an SI leader for this class because I know it is challenging for many people and I wished I had had some extra help myself. Outside of class I enjoy cooking, running, and playing Magic: The Gathering. If you also enjoy these things, feel free to come chat with me; I am looking forward to seeing you all in my SI sessions and having a wonderful semester!"

SI Leader


"Hello everyone! My name is Samantha (Sam) DeWees and I am your SI leader for Chem 121. I am a second year pre-med student majoring in Health, Medicine, and Human Values. When I'm not rushing to complete my school work you can find me reading, belting out various musicals, running, and hanging out with friends. I can't wait to see you guys in sessions and start discovering fun ways to learn chemistry!"

SI Leader


"Hello, my name is Val and I am your SI for Bio 202. I am majoring in biology with a minor in chemistry and psychology and hope to attend medical school after receiving my B.S. I am really excited to be tutoring genetics because I find the subject intriguing and challenging! When I am not busy with school or work, I enjoy working out and picking up new hobbies. Again, I am very excited to spend another semester at CAPS as an SI leader! "