SI Leaders


CTL Student Learning Assistants is successful because our student staff is dedicated to supporting the UNM community.  Our SI Leaders do that by working with faculty to deliver weekly study sessions directly correlated with the material covered in class.



Headshot photo of Makylah Apostol

Makylah Apostol

"Hello everyone! My name is Makylah and I am majoring in Biology with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values. My goal is to attend medical school and become a dermatologist. In my spare time I like to paint and hang out with my friends. I look forward to working with you all in my sessions!

Headshot photo of Roshun Kaur

Roshun Kaur

“Hi! My name is Roshun, and I'm a sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in Chemistry. After college, I plan on attending medical school and becoming a physician. In my free time, I like trying new foods, hanging out with friends, and watching home renovation shows. I'm excited to work with you all this year!”



daniel feng, asian male with glasses

Daniel Feng

“Hi everyone! This is Daniel Feng, and I am majoring in Biochemistry with a minor in Health, Medicine, and Human Values. I hope to go to UNM School of Medicine and become a doctor. My hobbies are gardening, playing music, and hanging out with friends. Nice to meet you all, and I am excited to see you all in my sessions!”

behan alavi, adult standing outside with beanie and sunglasses

Behan Alavi

“Hello everyone! My name is Behan and I am pursuing a Master's degree in Philosophy. My goal is to get a Ph.D. and hopefully become a university professor. In my spare time, I like to write, hang out with friends, and also work out at Johnson Center. As an SI Leader, I wish to help students get the most out of their classes by becoming better learners.”