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Spring 2020 SI Sessions

SI sessions are hosted via Zoom. You can click a few minutes before your SI Leader begins the session.

BIOL 1140REBEKAHM 2PM - W 12PM - R 5:30PMClick Here
BIOL 2110MEGANM 2PM - T 2PM - R 12:30PMClick Here
BIOL 2110WAYDEM 1PM - T 4:30PM - R 5:30PMClick Here
BIOL 2210REMYM 2PM - T 3:30PM - F 12PMClick Here
BIOL 2225MAXWELLM 2PM - W 5:30PM - F 11AMClick Here
BIOL 2410ELIJAHM 1PM - T 5:30PM - W 2PMClick Here
BIOL 2410KRISTINM 4:30PM - W 4PM - F 1PMClick Here
CHEM 1120LISAM 4PM - W 2PM - F 2PMClick Here
CHEM 1215CORRINAT 2PM - R 5:30PM - F 1PMClick Here
CHEM 1225NORAM 5PM - W 2PM - F 2PMClick Here
CHEM 1225ARIANAT 2PM - R 12:30PM - F 2PMClick Here
CHEM 1225ISAIAHM 3PM - T 3:30PM - R 2PMClick Here
CHEM 301SAMYUTAM 5PM - T 2PM - W 3PMClick Here
CHEM 301FARAHM 1PM - W 4:30PM - F 1PMClick Here
CHEM 302LEM 1PM - R 12:30PM - F 2PMClick Here
CHEM 302ATHENAM 2PM - W 3PM - F 12PMClick Here
MATH 1240LUISM 12PM - R 2PM - F 12PMClick Here
MATH 1430LILAM 4PM - W 3PMClick Here
MATH 1512PRATYUSHM 3PM - W 4PM - R 4PMClick Here
MATH 1522KAITLINM 3PM - R 2PM - F 12PMClick Here
SOC 380BELLAM 11AM - W 12PM - F 1PMClick Here