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The OGS Graduate Resource Center (GRC) provides dedicated services available for any graduate or professional student engaged in most writing and research projects.

Writing Resources for Graduate Students

  • Theses
  • Dissertations
  • Literature Reviews
  • Lab reports
  • Annotated Bibliographies
  • Proposals
  • Applications
  • Conference Abstracts and Presentations
  • Journal Articles
  • Grant applications
  • CVs and resumés
  • Other academic or professional projects

Graduate and professional students are charged with producing and sharing knowledge through written projects. Sharing and discussing your ideas and work is a necessary component in this process. A session with a graduate consultant can help you to clarify your ideas, move a project towards the next stage in the revision process, or develop a better understanding of the expectations for a given genre of writing.

Graduate consultants are knowledgeable of graduate writing processes and genres across many academic disciplines. The goal of an appointment is for student and consultant to talk about effective ways to improve writing. Consultants will ask questions about your goals, your audience, and your specific writing concerns. You should feel free to raise questions, describe problems, and focus the conversation on the issues that are important to you. Consultants will not edit your paper. Instead, they look at your draft for examples of higher or lower level issues you might want to consider in revising and editing your work.

Call 277-1407, or come see a GRC consultant in the north end of Mesa Vista Hall, to make an appointment.

Research & Statistics Skills for Graduate Students

Graduate consultants can assist at any stage of the research process from planning research to final analysis. An appointment with a consultant who specializes in research design can assist you in planning projects around concrete goals and verifiable predictions, as well as interpreting and presenting your findings.

Graduate students actively engaged in statistical analyses may make individual appointments with a graduate consultant to work on interpreting and writing up results.

Graduate students enrolled in undergraduate statistics courses as research skills requirements or prerequisites may make take advantage of the CAPS Math/Statistics Center.

Language Skills for Graduate Students

CAPS offers individual appointments, conversation groups, and writing sessions for languages in addition to English. Our tutors' goals are to go beyond fulfilling a graded language requirement, helping you to gain language skills that will serve you throughout your career.

Graduate ELL students can meet with a graduate consultant in the GRC to find support in mastering the use of English as a language of scholarship. Contact the GRC at 277-1407 for more information about appointments and services for ELL students.

For graduate students enrolled in 100-400 level language courses, all tutoring resources (including individual appointments) available to undergraduates are available to graduate students.

For all appointments, both 25 and 50 -minute sessions are available. Appointments are scheduled in person on the third floor of Zimmerman Library, through the Virtual Front Desk, or by calling 277-7205.

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