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CAPS is open for Fall

Welcome to a new school year, Lobos! CAPS is open and ready to be part of your Fall semester. Visit us at any of our locations, even online. Browse all the subjects we offer and come study with us!

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Math Refresh Materials for Incoming Freshmen

New students who are planning to take the Compass Math Placement Exam are encouraged to review the CAPS Math Refresh materials created specifically for reviewing key concepts that are tested on the exam. Topics include everything from Composition Functions to Solving Quadratic Equations. Contact CAPS at 505-277-7205 if you have any questions about this.

Online Resources

Even when CAPS is closed, there are great online resource links available here on our website. Browse for videos and tutorials on a variety of topics -- all for free!

We are searching for CAPS student employee alumni.

We want to write stories about you in upcoming CAPS/UNM Foundation newsletters. Will you please take time to answer a few questions and say hello to us? Thanks, the CAPS staff.

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Upcoming Workshops

Brown Bag Workshop: Writing as a Process
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Date: 10-15-15
Time: 12:30pm-1:20pm

Brown Bag Workshop: Academic Honesty in the Writing Process
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Date: 10-22-15
Time: 12:30pm-1:20pm

Center for Academic Program Support (CAPS) is the University of New Mexico's learning assistance center.

CAPS provides a Math/Science Tutoring Program, Online Tutoring Program, Supplemental Instruction (SI) Program, Writing and Language Center, Learning Strategies Program, and multi-disciplinary tutoring. CAPS meets the diverse needs of a large student population with individual tutoring, workshops, study groups, drop-in labs, language conversation groups, SI sessions, and online assistance.

The Math and Science program provides an accessible community of learning for undergraduate courses guided by peer tutors with firsthand knowledge of content and the in-class demands at UNM. The Program provides individual content-area tutoring on an appointment basis for many courses numbered 100-499. Drop-in tutoring (no appointment necessary) is available for high-demand subject areas such as algebra/statistics, calculus, chemistry/biology, and physics. Group instruction sessions involve topic workshops, exam reviews, and study groups.

The main objective of SI is to improve academic performance and retention in traditionally difficult courses with high drop-out and/or high failure rates. SI offers weekly sessions to review course content, teach learning strategies, and develop effective study habits and critical thinking skills. It emphasizes what to study and how to study. SI leaders are UNM students who have previously completed the course with an A or B+, are recommended by faculty, and have an excellent understanding of the material.

The Writing Center supports student writers and language learners at UNM, providing them with tools that will help them in college and later in their careers. The Center assists students with writing assignments and language learning in undergraduate and graduate courses. Tutoring is available on an individual basis, in a drop-in lab setting, and during content-specific workshops and language conversation groups. The Center works with students in English (including students for whom English is a second language) as well as in other languages, including Spanish and Navajo.

The Online Tutoring program ensures that distance learners have access to services, that all students have access when professors and CAPS tutors are not available, and to support those who prefer to work electronically. The Program features tutorials and links to other academic websites from universities around the world. In addition, UNM students may e-mail questions about coursework and receive an e-mail response, submit academic papers to the online writing lab (OWL) and receive assistance, and/or chat live with a tutor. Smarthinking™, a professional online tutoring service contracted by CAPS, provides live tutoring 24 hours a day/7 days a week and is free to students through the CAPS website.

Learning Strategies provides students with more general learning techniques and tools that allow them to be successful across courses, throughout their academic career. This program provides workshops and individual appointments on various study skills, such as time management, note-taking techniques, memorization tools, test-taking strategies, and effective reading habits.

CAPS hires content-area tutors with backgrounds in the areas of Fine Arts, Humanities, Management, and Social Sciences.

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