Associate Director Greeting

Welcome to CAPS!

I’m pleased to invite you to join our learning community at the Center for Academic Program Support. Whatever your academic goals and dreams are, CAPS offers something for you.

CAPS is proud to be a vital part of the student experience at the University of New Mexico. Every semester, thousands of UNM’s most successful students make the choice to spend time with us studying, writing, becoming more effective learners, and practicing academic skills. CAPS plays an essential role in supporting the UNM curriculum, with programming that explicitly supports key aspects of the University Mission. In everything we do (tutoring, workshops, drop-in labs, study groups, online support, and much more) and across every discipline and content area, CAPS’ goal is to provide students with skills and strategies to help them to succeed not only in individual courses, but in their entire academic and professional careers.

Joining the CAPS community, whether as a student user, faculty/staff partner, student employee, or funding patron, means taking an active stance in helping students to develop the written, quantitative, and scientific competencies that will serve them at UNM and beyond. All of us at CAPS are excited to work with you towards student success.

I look forward to seeing you at CAPS.

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Stephanie Sanchez, Ph.D

CAPS Associate Director