Math Refresh

Math NamesMath Refresh is a collection of articles meant to help you quickly refresh yourself with a number of the many important topics frequented in math courses.

Math Refresher Topics

Composition FunctionsComposition functions are functions that combine to make a new function. We use the notation º to denote a composition.
Function Domains and RangesThe domain of a function is the set of values that we are allowed to plug into our function. The range of a function is the set of values that the function assumes.
Exponents and FunctionsExponents
Graphing FunctionsThere are lots of ways to visualize or picture a function in your head. However, by far the most important way to visualize a function is through its graph.
Language of AlgebraMath vocabulary, terminology, and definitions.
Logarithms and ExponentialsLogarithms and Exponentials
Number SystemsWhat is a Natural Number, an Integer, a Rational,... ?
Solving Quadratic EquationsQuadratic equations pop up so often in so many different applications and disciplines in the real world that we give them special attention.

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