Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the CAPS STEM program is to provide an interactive, collaborative peer tutoring environment that encourages students to ask questions, take ownership of their education, and experience individual success in the math and science core curriculum.



  1. Work with students to foster an understanding of core math and science concepts at all levels for majors and non-majors.
  2. The STEM team will foster an environment where students can feel comfortable to explore and be successful in core math and science curriculum with decreasing math and science aversion. 
  3. Develop interactive, collaborative peer tutoring services that encourage students to see problems from new perspectives, discover innovative solutions, and learn strategies to independently solve future problems, academically and professionally.
  4. Support students in order to give them the quantitative literacy required for lifelong civic utility through personal growth in math and science comprehension.


Learning Outcomes

  1. Students from all majors feel more confident in their ability to understand math and science concepts.
  2. Students are empowered to take ownership of their education
  3. Students are able to brainstorm multifaceted approaches to problem solving in their math and sciences courses
  4. Students will be able to correlate mathematic and scientific concepts to their own field, personal interests, and to real world scenarios that can benefit them in the future, in and out of academics.