Mission and Goals

Mission Statement

The mission of the Learning Strategies Program is to meet the academic needs of students with diverse experiences by providing services that assist the transition to the university and throughout their undergraduate career through the development of metacognitive strategies which increase learning efficiency and effectiveness and thereby increase the chances of academic success.


  • Introduce student users to effective learning strategies that are transferable across the curriculum in the following areas:  time management, study skills, college textbook reading, note-taking and test-taking
  • Provide a variety of unique service formats that have differentiated benefits based on the setting (workshops, individual appointments, drop-in services)
  • Create learning strategies material that addresses needs of UNM’s diverse students population
  • Develop campus partnerships that will help inform the campus community of the impact that non-content assistance can have on academic achievement
  • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment where students with different levels of academic preparedness can thrive in a setting that is free of judgment

Learning Outcomes

  • Students will come to disassociate transferable skills from remediation
  • Students will come to understand that the development of transferable academic skillsets are an important component of student success at the college level
  • Students will have increased awareness of the importance of metacognitive learning strategies
  • Students will learn to appraise the effectiveness of the learning strategies they currently use
  • Students will enhance their ability to modify strategies in a way that meets their individual needs