WLC Mission and Values

Writing & Language Center Mission Statement

The mission of the CAPS Writing & Language program is to support writing and language learning across all academic disciplines at the University of New Mexico. We believe that effective written and spoken communication are powerful tools for sharing existing ideas, discovering new perspectives, and navigating within diverse cultural and academic communities.

Writing & Language Center Core Values

To accomplish our mission, we are committed to

  • Validating student writers and speakers in finding their own voice as writers and communicators.
  • Promoting communication as a social process which can be improved through practice among peers.
  • Emphasizing writing and language learning as a process and striving to promote growth in student communicators over time.
  • Honoring difference, by creating a safe and inclusive environment in which students of different backgrounds are welcome, including differences in culture, race, class, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, linguistic, dialectic and educational backgrounds.
  • Maintaining a team of tutors who are committed to student success, have a passion for writing and language learning, and undergo trainings on best practices in writing and language support, linguistic differences, student agency, and social justice.
  • Partnering with faculty and instructors to support student writers and language learners inside the classroom, through workshops, and outside, through the services we provide to students.