About STEM Tutoring Support

What we do

CAPS STEM tutors can help you improve your performance in UNM math and science courses. CAPS drop-in tutoring labs are places for you to do your homework or study for a test in a supportive environment. Our math, physics, statistics, chemistry, and biology tutors can help you with strategies and concepts that you can apply when doing your homework and taking tests. In a drop in lab setting, you can work by yourself or with a group.  Have a question? Raise your hand so that a tutor can help you.  Once the tutor has given you a mini-lesson and a few strategies, you can work toward a solution without the tutor so that you can strengthen your critical thinking and problem solving skills

In our open, comfortable, and collaborative drop-in labs you can develop your problem solving skills by drawing a picture on a white board, organizing your work into a table, or making a list of what you know already and what you need to find out. Tutors will help you to use your textbook and notes effectively, deepen your understanding of difficult concepts, and break complex problems down into manageable steps. 

How we work with you

CAPS support tries to meet you where you’re at. Do you like to study at night? We have evening services at the SUB and SSSC. Do you study best in the morning? We have morning and afternoon hours at the Zimmerman Library.  Check out our hours and locations here. We are sure there is something here for you.

CAPS is not currently scheduling one-on-one appointments except for Learning Strategies (LS). If our STEM or Writing drop-in services do not work for you and you wish to discuss alternative ways we can help you, please get in touch with us by e-mail at caps@unm.edu