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By using our online tutoring services through the Online Learning Center (OLC), you acknowledge and agree to these Terms of Use.


These Terms of Use may be updated with or without notice.

Acceptable Computer Use

You agree to abide by the UNM Acceptable Computer Use policy.

GoBoard and LibChat Terms of Use

By using our services you also agree to the GoBoard (PDF) and Springshare Terms of Use. We use both companies to provide the online tools necessary to provide online tutoring services in the OLC.

Recording of Sessions

All tutoring sessions are recorded for training and quality assurance purposes through GoBoard and LibChat.

Sensitive and Protected Information Statement

When using UNM CAPS-Online Learning Center and CAPS-Online Writing Lab and associated services, you agree to act in accordance with applicable contracts, laws (e.g., FERPA), regulations, and in accordance with UNM policies, procedures and operational controls regarding UNM sensitive and protected data as identified in UNM Policy 2520, which states: "Users are responsible for proper use and protection of University information and are prohibited from sharing information with unauthorized individuals."

Academic Integrity

You certify that you are the person whose name is associated with the login used in this learning management system. You understand the prohibited actions as described in UNM’s Academic Dishonesty policy and understand that any violations of this policy may be charged under the Student Code of Conduct in accordance the Student Grievance Procedure, all of which can be found in The Pathfinder (UNM Student Handbook).

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